Training events




Three kinds of events are available for the audience which is interested in learning more about semantic knowledge technology with a view towards a future use for their own applications:

Currently a number of events are planned in connection with large events and internal meetings. If you are interested in planning such an event, then please let us know, and we will make suggestions.

Overview seminars and technical introduction

These are of one half or full day duration and introduce technical experts to the core technical principles of SEKT. Some are organised in conjunction with relevant conferences and large events. At these seminars experts provide introductions to the core technical competence which enable a fast adoption of SEKT technology..


The workshops focus more on application domains than on technology and are designed to make the principles of semantic knowledge technology familiar to a less technically oriented audience. An important part of the workshops are the presentations of application experience with SEKT. They also include round-table discussions with the participants which allow to go into details of application problems.

Other public events

The SEKT partners present their results frequently in conferences and workshops which are open to an interested public.

In 2006 a number of events have been organised, among these

- industrial day at WWW06 in Edinburgh, 24th May

- ´Building semantic applications´ for a business audience at SemTech 2006

- tutorials on the use of human language technology and GATE

- a number of tutorials for selected audiences of potential adopters from relevant business domains.

So far, no further public events are planned. If you have any suggestions for SEKT participation in a specific event, do contact us.




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