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  Constructing Ontologies
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In the SEKT project three applications will be developed in close cooperation with their future users and owners, will be tested and improved according to the demands of the users. An overview of other applications under development, and of the current use of semantic knowledge technology components will be given.

validation results

The results of the tests conducted in a realistic context show the benefits for users and the business owners who employ semantic knowledge technology.

integration of semantic knowledge technology into existing applications and IT infrastructures

The value of existing information and systems should not be impaired by the integration of semantic knowledge technology. Previous experience and the vision for the integration of SEKT into applications are presented.

ontology engineering

Ontologies are a core component of semantic knowledge technology, enabling more powerful means to access knowledge than taxonomies or search by names. The methods and tools available for the construction and maintenance of ontologies are described.

knowledge discovery

The identification of knowledge elements in a semi-automatic or automatic fashion greatly reduces the total cost of the use of semantic knowledge technology.

ontology mediation

A core function is the ability to access and relate the knowledge from several domains with their own respective ontologies.

metadata extraction

The manual creation of the metadata describing individual knowledge elements in reference to ontologies can be very resource consuming. Semi-automatic methods to process large amounts of information available in text form are a component of semantic knowledge technology.

ontology languages and standards for the semantic web

Semantic knowledge management and the Semantic Web are based on the use of machine-interpretable meta-data, leading beyond XML. A number of standards and languages are proposed, with different strengths and weaknesses..

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